Create architectural virtual reality walkthroughs. Automatically.

Download and start creating virtual reality walkthroughs in no time. Overstruct uses your existing project files and exports high quality simulations working even on mobile systems.

Reduce cost

All automated conversion

Make profit

Easier sales process

Save time

Faster than alternatives

How it works

By downloading Overstruct, 3ds Max users* can generate architectural virtual reality or web walkthroughs, with a minimum configuration over already existing project files using the plugin.

With no visual downgrades.

* Sketchup and Revit so┼┐tware supports to follow

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  • Presenting our interior design projects with Overstruct was a great experience for both, us and our clients. Making them to feel like walking in a real place with VR glasses, is much more efficient than showing them 3D renders on paper.

    We wish using this technology in our new projects.

    - Metex Design / Sinan Kafadar